Membership Day

Membership Day is for members at all levels of our federation to reach out to non-members and recruit them to join NAIFA. We are asking all members to call three non-members on April 5th.

How to prepare for Membership Day

Get Your Team Together

  • Identify your team for April 5th
  • Ask your members to commit to a few minutes on April 5th
Compile Your Prospects
  • Non-Members you know i.e. co-workers, colleagues or business acquaintances
  • Non-Members who attend events
  • Lapsed Members
Plan Your April 5th Membership Day
  • Assign calls and in person visits to your team
  • Set goals and incentives to drive participation
Have Fun and Recruit Members!

Why your colleagues should join NAIFA:

  • NAIFA members make more money than non-members
  • NAIFA members stay in the industry longer
  • NAIFA members build amazing relationships in their State and Local Associations
  • NAIFA members have access to world class Professional Development Opportunities
  • NAIFA members have NAIFA Advocacy efforts protecting their business.

Recruiting Resources