Just like our Olympic Athletes train all year round, NAIFA is recruiting new members all year round.

In the spirit of the American team in Rio, let's go for the Gold this summer and get some new members!

NAIFA Membership is holding a recruiting challenge this summer so we can show each other our outstanding recruitment capabilities.  NAIFA National will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the State and Local associations that have the highest percentage increases in new member recruits and the individuals who recruit the most members as well.

We will make the initial annoucements at the P + P Conference in Las Vegas, and will also let the entire federation know who our champion recruiters are! This one is for bragging rights, and the chance to defend your medal next year!

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Member Recruitment Recognition

NAIFA members are the best ambassadors to prospects. Check out the YAT at Heart program.

Membership Promotion Materials

NAIFA provides a suite of promotional materials to recruit and retain members. To order printed copies and see more materials, go to the NAIFA Marketplace or contact your state and local association.

PowerPoint Presentation

Long Version (PPT)
Short Version (PPT)

Membership Brochure

The NAIFA Membership Brochure is written for member prospects and details all the benefits of joining. Professional development, resources and advocacy - it's all in there. If you can give a prospect one piece, this is the one.
(Click here to download the PDF.)


NAIFA Membership Application

The membership application is included in every Member Brochure (mentioned at the top of this page. Download the stand-alone .pdf here.