Advisor Today Launches New Website

Advisor Today recently launched a new website, The magazine is also available on tablets and other portable devices.
The move to an all-digital platform will enable the association to substantially enhance the magazine and make it a more valuable resource for you and the clients you serve.
With the move to an all-digital platform, you will continue to get the same great content that has set Advisor Today apart from the rest for many years: feature articles that inform and inspire, techniques that the best in the business use to attract a steady stream of highly-qualified prospects, innovative sales ideas that expedite the client-acquisition process, insightful interviews with industry greats, and proven techniques for managing your day-to-day operations.
But with a digital platform, you get even more: the latest industry news and trends and how they affect your business, as well as frequent legislative and regulatory updates. Also, you will be able to submit immediate feedback to the magazine staff, which will enhance their ability to provide you with information that caters to your specific editorial needs.
Other benefits of a digital platform include:
  • The magazine arrives in your email box automatically—you just click on the link to download the latest edition or to view it online.
  • It is portable. Once the issue has been downloaded, you can view it anywhere and at any time and on various devices. You can also forward articles of interest to your colleagues and clients.
  • One click on any article featured in the “Contents Icon” will take you directly to that article.
For more than 115 years, NAIFA has provided Advisor Today, the leading publication in the life insurance and financial-services industries. is continuing this great tradition, with its innovative sales ideas, valuable practice- management tips, and proven business strategies to help you grow your business.

So don’t delay. Visit www. today and start learning from the best in the business how to enhance the financial performance of your practice.
  • Posted March 16, 2017 IN