Retaining Capital Through Life Insurance Premium Finance

This NAIFA Webinar was sponsored by Aurora Capital

May 2017

Premium financing is a sophisticated strategy for affluent clients and is now offered as a fee-basis and low load basis. This course teaches core competencies on the various aspects related to structuring of fee-based premium finance cases. These include, but are not limited to, fee-only and low load insurance chassis options, crediting rate choices, determining borrowing rates, exit strategies and age based case structuring. Given the current economic climate, this course will educate on mitigating interest rate risk and maximizing fee-based and low load insurance chassis crediting rates. In addition, this course will provide a fundamental analysis of borrowing rate structures, insurance chassis design, minimizing risk in a volatile market and educating on the fee-based insurance chassis.

Presented by: Alex Bellini, MBA, MTax, President of Aurora Capital Alliance and Joshua Tipton, Chief Distribution Officer of Aurora Capital Alliance

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